Trey is a high school student that asks Dee to the prom.

Season OneEdit

Trey met Dee at Paddy's Pub when word got out that the bar was not checking IDs. He flirted with her and she decided to hang out with him at the park. Later, they went to a house party hosted by Sara. At the pre-prom party held at Paddy's, a very drunk Dee became aggressive with Trey. When Tammy arrived and began flirting with Dennis, Trey took her aside and they began to make out. In the end, Charlie knew that Tammy and Trey were using Dennis and Dee to make each other jealous. ("Underage Drinking: A National Concern")



  • Trey is portrayed by Robert Adamson and can be seen in the TV series Lincoln Heights and Jonas the movies It's Complicated and The Prankster.

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