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The Lawyer (aka just Attorney) is an attorney who has had several run-ins with the Gang. Like The Waitress, his real name is unknown.

The Lawyer has a strong dislike for the gang. He often uses his sharp intellect and knowledge of the law against them.


The Lawyer went to Harvard. ("The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis")

He had a lovely wife, but at some point she decided to leave him. Their divorce process was very emotionally turbulent for The Lawyer because he was still very much in love with her. This is why he had to turn away her photo on his desk, sleep in a fleabag motel and had several "crying episodes". ("Paddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens")

He is not Jewish (he states this after Frank refers to him as "the Jew lawyer"). ("Pop-Pop: The Final Solution")

Behind The Lawyer you can see a plaque than reads "Desert storm veteran," which implies that The Lawyer is a veteran of a Nato country involved in Operation Desert Storm.

Season ThreeEdit

The Gang mistook The Lawyer for having personal involvement as the executor of Barbara Reynolds's will even though he had never met her. ("Dennis and Dee's Mom Is Dead")

Season FiveEdit

5x8 Paddy's Pub- Home of the Original Kitten Mittens - Lawyer's stone cold bitch wife

Lawyer's wife

The Lawyer was eager to personally stop Frank. He represented a family whom Frank is trying to force out of their house. After Charlie made an attempt to prove that he's more legally apt than the actual Lawyer, Charlie challenged The Lawyer to a duel. He immediately accepted, claiming to have a loaded gun in his office desk. ("The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis")

The Gang later went to him to get patents for products that they have created. He then tricked them into signing a contract which gives him all the profits made from their products and includes a restraining order. He also made hundreds of copies so Mac can't eat the contracts — a call back to earlier in the episode when Mac eats Dee's waitress contract making it null and void. ("Paddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens")

Season SixEdit

The Lawyer represented Maureen Ponderosa in her divorce from Dennis pro bono because he hates Dennis and the Gang. After meeting with Dennis's incompetent lawyer Jack Kelly (Charlie's uncle) The Lawyer and Jack map out an agreement where Dennis and Maureen will divorce, and Dennis will assume all of her debts and make alimony payments to her. ("Dennis Gets Divorced")

Season EightEdit

The Lawyer, in his role as the executor of Barbara Reynolds's estate, has to tell Dee and Dennis that their grandfather, Pop-Pop, is in a coma and is on life support. Since they are his last living blood relatives they must decide if he should remain on life support or be allowed to die. The Lawyer seems very eager for them to decide to pull the plug on Pop-Pop, because that would mean The Lawyer's duties as Barbara's executor are done, and he will never have to see Dennis, Dee, or anyone else in the Gang again. When Dee and Dennis hesitate to pull the plug, The Lawyer has them sign a power of attorney agreement so that he can give the authorization to stop Pop-Pop's life support. However, Pop-Pop begins breathing on his own after the respirators are turned off, so The Lawyer is not free of The Gang yet. ("Pop-Pop: The Final Solution")



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