The Gang Goes on a Treasure Hunt is an unproduced episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Its starts with Dee and Dennis scratching lotto tickets and complaining about their luck, when Mac walks into the bar proclaiming that he had bought a Mngolian bottle of beer for twenty dollars. After more bickering about throwing away money, Mac opens the beer, but as he prepares to take a drink, a whip cracks the bottle into pieces. It's Charlie, who got the whip from a girl who had tied him up days ago. He snaps it again and again before Mac chases him around the bar.

After the opening credits, Frank walks into the bar and tells the Gang about a treasure map Frank had received from his recently decesed accountant, Bob Pope (mistakenly heard by the Gang as 'Bob Hope' or 'The Pope'). The map, apparently, leads to a huge amount of money buried in the park by Bob years ago. After all of this had been said, Ryan McPoyle leaps from his hiding spot behind a booth in the bar and runs out the door. The Gang immediately decides to go digging that night.

At night, in front of the bar, after seeing how Charlie had not put on any black clothing, Mac puts on an expensive brown coat (which he had stolen from a sleeping man on the bus earlier that day), Dennis puts on a fedora, and Charlie takes his whip. After some convincing, Frank gets Dee to stand in front of the group (to act as a shield), and they all go looking for the treasure. After some time, Mac gives his coat to Charlie in return for half of Charlie's cut of the treasure. The Gang also hears a noise from behind them. Believing the noise to come from someone following them, Frank gets Charlie to walk away from the Gang, loudly telling anyone around that he is looking for the treasure, while the rest of the Gang continues looking for the treasure. After they find it, Frank realizes no one remembered to bring shovels, just as they get ambushed by the McPoyles.

The McPoyles get Frank to tell them where the treasure is, while also attempting to take Dennis's fedora (he tosses it away instead). After the McPoyles had found the treasure, they prepare to leave with it, when Charlie arrives, putting on Dennis's fedora, and (with Indiana Jones music playing in the background) proceeds to make the McPoyles dance by whipping at them. In the morning, after Mac gets the lock off of the treasure box, they open it up to find...nothing. Nothing but a note.

The note was from Bob Pope, who knew about Frank banging his wife. As revenge, he buried the empty box with the note and gave Frank the napkin map. Once they realize it was a huge waste of time, the Gang procceeds to bicker until the credits roll.

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