"The Gang Gets a New Member" is the eighth episode of the sixth season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

A blast from the past prompts the guys to expand membership and Dee to re-consider her future.


11:30 AM, On a Monday, Philadelphia, PA

To be continued...



Special Guest StarEdit

Guest StarringEdit


  • Ray! Auxais as Tyrone
  • Johnny Pemberton as Craig
  • Lauren Whitney Pennington as Lisa
  • Susan Moses as Schmitty's Mom


  • Jason Sudeikis co-stars with Charlie Day in the movies Going the Distance, Horrible Bosses and Horrible Bosses 2, as well as an episode of Saturday Night Live which Charlie hosted (s37e05).
  • "Sadeness (Part I)" by Enigma plays during Schmitty's initiation ceremony.
  • Though this is not officially a two-part episode, storylines begun on this episode are resolved in the next episode, "Dee Reynolds: Shaping America's Youth".
  • When Dr. Myers says "A teacher is born", He is not wearing glasses... then they cut to a different angle where he is wearing glasses.
  • When Charlie tosses the ring back to Mac, he supposedly catches it and is holding it. However, when Charlie turns and begins to walk away, you can see the ring is on the ground behind Mac's feet.


Dee: Where is the teacher that I knew? Where is that inspirational man?
Dr. Larry Meyers: My enthusiasm in those days was fueled entirely by the alcohol.



Mini-Charlie Kelly   (on the job interview) And I'm not a proud man, you know? I'll do the jobs that the other guys don't want to do. I'll degrade myself. I'll make a genuine ass out of myself, yeah... Hey, look, I swallow that eraser whole just to prove it to you!
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