"The Gang Gets Quarantined" is the seventh episode of the ninth season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

When a severe flu outbreak sweeps Philadelphia the gang voluntarily quarantine themselves inside of Paddy's in an attempt to keep their singing voices pristine for an upcoming competition, although they have trouble adhering to the strict rules they've set for themselves.


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11:30 AM on a Monday, the gang is enganging in aoceppela



Guest StarringEdit

  • Jim O'Heir as Doctor


  • Bruce Wexler as Male Nurse


  • Frank parodies Marlon Brando's character from Apocalypse Now, Colonel Walter E. Kurtz, in this episode.
  • The Gang sings an a cappella version of the song "MotownPhilly" By Boyz II Men. This is the 4th time that the gang sings together as an a cappella group (previously in The Gang Goes Jihad, Paddy's Pub: The Worst Bar in Philadelphia and The Gang Recycles Their Trash).
  • The story that Dee invented concerning a fake stutter she developed during a tour in Iraq is a reference to the real life Tim Poe - an America's got Talent contestant who allegedly lied about a stutter he got from a war injury.

Frank parodies Leo Decap's basketball diaries




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