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"The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover Edition" is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The gang redecorates a poor family's home a la Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.


3:27PM on a Friday

Charlie, Mac, and Dennis are talking about the TV show Extreme Home Makeover in the bar when Dee and Frank enter. Dee and Frank are arguing because Dee is inheriting their old house from her & Dennis's mother (the house that Dennis inherited but lost for allowing Frank to step foot in it). Charlie tells Frank that he should make a vision board and put the house on it. The three guys proceed to explain the process of The Secret, a famous self-help book that tells you to envision what you want and watch it come to you, and show Frank their vision boards. Charlie's board contains a bunch of photos of Ty Pennington, the star of Extreme Home Makeover, because he's got such a sweet life. Dee chimes in, saying that  "envisioned the courts recognizing how ridiculous it was that [her] son of a bitch, asshole mother didn't leave [her] anything and then I did some good deeds and boom." The guys are distraught, as they had not realized that doing good deeds was part of the deal. They decide, however, that they ultimately must help others to achieve their dreams.

Charlie, Mac, and Dennis come up from the basement, having fashioned a makeshift wrecking ball out of Frank's bowling ball and some chains. They explain their plan to do a home makeover for the good deed part of their Secret process. Dee joins them, having figured out that she's going to need a lot of money to pay the property taxes on her new house. Frank tags along as the foreman hopes of getting his house back from Dee. They choose the Juarez family, a newly immigrated Mexican family down the street. Charlie and Dennis are in charge of the renovation of the house, and Mac gets relegated to helping Dee with the family's cultural makeover because he's too competitive about smashing. 

They agree to "go about this in the most extreme way possible" and burst into the Juarez's house at night. They blast music and scream and kidnap the Juarezes with blindfolds. Mac and Dee take them from the house to a room filled with American souvenirs. They try to explain their plan of assimilating them & making over their house, but the family does not know enough English to understand. Dee busts out her broken high school Spanish, telling the family to "Be easy. Your house is no more. Your life is no more. We are extreme. Like television." They are understandably terrified. 

Frank fails to hire a construction crew and instead takes a nap in the Juarez's bed, leaving Dennis and Charlie to figure out the renovation themselves. They begin to smash everything. Frank comes down eventually, looking for beer, and the guys kick him off the work site. He goes and finds Mac and Dee, who are having the Juarezes make their own vision boards. Frank tries to hand the mother scissors, and she stabs him in the leg. He, of course, whips out his gun, and further frightens the family. 

We cut to Dennis and Charlie at   



Guest StarringEdit

  • Gabriela Moreno as Daughter Juarez
  • Alejandro Patino as Father Juarez
  • Laura Patricia Vega as Mother Juarez


  • Retta as Hardware Store Clerk


  • Dennis mentions that his dream board includes owning a Lamborghini - this theme will later return in
    "A Very Sunny Christmas" episode.
  • Charlie is a die-hard fan of TV host Ty Pennington.
  • Dennis has lost his "party mansion" after the events of "Dennis and Dee's Mom Is Dead".
  • In "Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack", Dee has difficulty reading the Spanish instructions for her and Dennis' Botox injections because, as she says, she has never taken Spanish. However, in this episode Sweet Dee speaks Spanish decently, and states that she took Spanish classes in high school.
  • Charlie's freak out over Frank saying the show is a "bunch of manipulation" ("It's about caring, and Sears!") references the fact that the original show had a great deal of product placement of Sears products.
  • In the eighth season episode "Charlie's Mom Has Cancer", we find out that the "Juarez" family later had to sell the house because they could not pay the property tax.  This, in itself, is another reference to "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition", because the same fate befell many people who got new homes on the show.


Mac: Yeah, and I'm gonna impregnate Danica Patrick while getting drunk in the Sahara desert on a dune buggy.

Charlie: [about the TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition That show is about how awesome Sears is!!! And how much Sears products save people's lives!!! And it's about caring and Sears and...

Mini-Mac   Wake up, my brown friend - it's time to change your life!



Mini-Dee Reynolds   Okay, hold still! Can't run from the kindness of strangers!



Mini-Charlie Kelly   What does a little Mexican girl love more than anything else in the world?
Hmmmmmmmmm... tacos.   Mini-Dennis Reynolds
Mini-Charlie Kelly   Tacos, buddy!



Mini-Mac   The first step to becoming an American... get a credit card.
Oh yeah, man. We need this guy to build up copious amounts of debt - that is the best way for him to build up his credit. We're doing him a favor...   Mini-Dennis Reynolds
Mini-Charlie Kelly   We're doing him a HUGE favor! And do you realize how extreme this is? To go from no debt to good old-fashioned American debt? That's the way to do it.



Mini-Charlie Kelly   I can't believe their name isn't Juarez. Was anyone else surprised by that?
Uh! Right. Yeah...   Mini-Dennis Reynolds
Mini-Mac   It's a shocker! Shocking for me...
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