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The Gang is a group of amoral friends who own and/or manage Paddy's Pub.

At one point, Dennis claims that The Gang is "me, Mac and Charlie" and that Dee is not a member. Shortly after, Frank blackmails his way into the Gang. ("The Gang Goes Jihad")

Frank is the only member of The Gang that considers Dee as a member of The Gang. ("The Gang Goes Jihad"). Whenever there is a decision, or a vote amongst members of The Gang, Dennis, Mac and Charlie immediately exclude her. ("The Gang Gets Racist"), ("The Gang Sells Out")

No one in The Gang seems to have any friends outside The Gang. When Dennis inherits his mother's house and plans on using it as a "party mansion", everyone they think to invite is either dead or would have nothing to do with them because of something terrible The Gang has done to them. ("Dennis and Dee's Mom Is Dead") Dee has to trick The Waitress into going out for a "Sex In The City" night with her by saying she will give her a notebook Charlie keeps on her if she does. ("Who Pooped the Bed?") The Gang is forced to use Artemis as their sound person for a kid's pageant they put on even though she doesn't know what she's doing, because, as Mac says "We don't have a very deep bench". ("Frank Reynolds' Little Beauties")

The Gang has ended up causing much hardship to some of the people they come in contact with: Matthew Mara, aka Rickety Cricket, was an ordained priest before an alleged "miracle" at Paddy's Pub ("The Gang Exploits A Miracle") reintroduced him to the Gang, and soon he found himself in a downward spiral that soon reduced him to a homeless "street rat." Similarly, they have cost The Waitress her job ("The Gang Sells Out") and subjected her to various other emotional trials and tribulations. They even cause trouble for people they don't actually know: while trying to "expose" Bruce Mathis as a "terrorist", they end up destroying a total stranger's car by ramming it with Frank's "rape van" multiple times. ("The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis")


The following are universally agreed to be members of the Gang:

  • Mac - Mac is the pub's most active manager, and a co-owner of the bar.
  • Dennis Reynolds - Dennis is Dee's twin brother, and a co-owner of the bar.
  • Charlie Kelly - Charlie owned a piece of the bar, until he sold pieces of his shares to all the other owners. ("The Gang Sells Out")

The following's membership in the Gang is disputed:

  • Frank Reynolds - Frank is Dennis and Dee's legal father, and a co-owner of the bar.
  • Dee Reynolds - Dee is just the bartender, and doesn't own a stake in the pub.

Former members include:

  • Schmitty - Used to be roommates with Charlie. Dennis kicked him out of a moving car. Later the Gang invited him back (over Charlie) but kicked him out again soon after. ("The Gang Gets a New Member")

Known EnemiesEdit

Recurring enemies
Non-recurring enemies


Members of the gang often create alliances against each other, sometimes also allying with others:

  • Mac and Dennis vs. Frank and Cricket: Mac and Dennis hunt, despite Frank's warnings. Frank decides to join forces with Cricket to hunt Mac and Dennis back. ("Mac and Dennis: Manhunters")
  • Charlie and Dee: Charlie and Dee team up to find the source of Frank's meat, eventually deciding that it must be human meat. They bring a homeless guy back to Charlie's apartment, where they prepare to eat him. ("Mac and Dennis: Manhunters")
  • Dee and Dennis vs. Charlie and Mac vs. Frank: Dee and Dennis go undercover to find a serial killer, first using Dee as bait and then later deciding to pretend to kill The Waitress. Meanwhile, Frank tries to prove that the killer is Mac; Charlie fulfills his desire to become a lawyer by defending Mac against the accusations of the Gang. ("Mac Is a Serial Killer")



Mini-Dennis Reynolds   (to Frank) Why are you still here?!
Just want to be part of the gang.   Mini-Frank Reynolds
Mini-Dee Reynolds   No, you're not part of our Gang!..
Well, you're not part of the Gang either, Dee, so... FORGET THAT.   Mini-Dennis Reynolds
Mini-Dee Reynolds   Yes, I am!..
No, you're not. The Gang is me, Mac and Charlie. That's the Gang!..   Mini-Dennis Reynolds
Mini-Frank Reynolds   Dennis! Let your sister be part of the gang.
She can't be part of the Gang, dad! Okay? (to Mac and Charlie) Is she part of the Gang?   Mini-Dennis Reynolds
Mini-Dee Reynolds   Why would you say that? Guys?
What "gang"? What are you talking about?   Mini-Charlie Kelly
Mini-Mac   I have NO IDEA what you're talking about.

Season Two, The Gang Goes Jihad

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