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Many of the characters use recurring phrases that have become their signature lines.


"Hey-oooo!" - This is a common greeting usually used by Mac or Dennis, which sometimes evokes a "Hey-ooo" response from the rest of the gang.

"What's up bitches?" - Another greeting that Mac gives, which he uses alone or following a "Hey-oooo".

"Later boners." - Dee uses this line when departing from other members of the gang. She always says it smugly after something goes her way.

"What's the action?" - Frank's tagline that he uses profusely in the episode The Gang Gives Back in regards to his constant gambling.

"Don't give a shit." - This phrase is usually used by Mac, but sometimes other members of the gang as well.

"...handing down life lessons." - This phrase has been used in a variety of situations by the gang.


"Hey-oooo!" - (Charlie Gets Crippled, Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom

"What's up bitches?" -(Charlie Gets Crippled

"Later boners." - (The Gang Dances Their Asses Off

"What's the action?" - (The Gang Gives Back

"Don't give a shit." - (Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare

"...handing down life lessons." - (Charlie Gets Crippled, Charlie Has Cancer, The Gang Gets Whacked (Part 1))

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