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Peter Schmidt (aka Schmitty) was a member of The Gang until 1999.

Early Life

The Gang (1999)

The Ancient Times Gang

Charlie told Dennis and Mac it was either him or Schmitty. Dennis later kicked Schmitty out of a moving car and told him, "you're out of the gang".

Charlie and Schmitty were once roommates. Schmitty would not play Night Crawlers with Charlie. Schmitty thinks using blankets would benefit the game but Charlie insists it is an imagination based game.

Schmitty's mother suffered from Multiple Sclerosis. Schmitty moved in with his mother to get to know her better before the end. Charlie thought the story was a bit of a downer.

Season Six

After seeing a picture of Schmitty in their time capsule, Dennis and Mac along with Frank decide to woo Schmitty back into the gang. After he upstaged both Dennis and Mac, they wanted him out of the gang again. ("The Gang Gets a New Member")

Season Seven

Schmitty showed up late to his high school reunion and took a very drunk Waitress home with him to bang. ("The High School Reunion, Part 2: The Gang's Revenge")



  • Jason Sudeikis co-starred with Charlie Day in such movies as "Going the Distance" and "Horrible Bosses". Also, you can see them both in an episode of Saturday Night Live which Charlie hosted (s37e05).

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