The Reynolds family

Frank, Dennis and Deandra Reynolds

The Reynolds are a family that makes up the majority of the Gang.

Known MembersEdit

  • Heinrich Landgraf (Pop-Pop) - father of Barbara, and Dennis and Dee's grandfather; a former Nazi.
  • Dennis Reynolds - Biological son of Barbara and Bruce Mathis, legal son of Frank.
  • Deandra Reynolds - Dennis' twin and biological daughter of Barbara and Bruce Mathis,
    legal daughter of Frank.

There are two additional people biologically connected to the Reynolds:


  • Frank might also have an older sister. ("Frank's Pretty Woman")
  • According to Frank, Dennis and Dee were raised by a "series of Mexican women" (nannies), not Barbara. ("The Gang Goes Jihad")
  • Frank has stated that Dennis and Dee would have had a brother, Donnie, had they not ate him in the womb. ("The Gang Gets Analyzed")
  • Mac says Frank adopted him so he is no longer the odd man out, but this is never brought up again. ("The Gang Goes on Family Fight")

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