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Nikki Potnick went to the Gang's high school.

Early Life

The gang crashed Nikki Potnick's car into a tree in high school while drunk driving. (Underage Drinking: A National Concern)



  • There was fan speculation that Nikki Potnick was the real name of the Waitress. Glenn Howerton tweeted in response that, "Sorry, but the Waitress' name is not Nikki Potnick. If u wanna know who N.Potnick is, re-watch S.1 Underage Drinking. First 10 mins." [1]


Mini-Charlie Kelly   You wanna know what else what would happen? We drove Nikki Potnick's car into a tree on Kelly Drive...
...with Sweet Dee in the backseat, puking all over the headrest because some guy talked to her that she liked, remember that?   Mini-Dennis Reynolds

"Underage Drinking: A National Concern"



Mini-Dennis Reynolds   Okay, Frank, first off, Nikki Potnick is a girl, okay? And secondly, she's not 65 years old.

"The High School Reunion"



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