Megan works for an anti-abortion organization.

Season OneEdit

While Mac was trying to prove to Dennis, Charlie, and Dee that abortion was morally wrong, he ran into Megan at the anti-abortion organization office. He lied to flirt with her and signed up for a rally. At the rally, they painted signs and he talked about how he was going to murder abortion doctors. Megan and him then had sex in the backseat of her car.

Days later, she told Mac that she was pregnant, and he responded that she had to get an abortion. She told him she wasn't pregnant - just testing him. ("Charlie Wants an Abortion")


1x2 Mac Megan at rally



  • Megan is portrayed by Autumn Reeser who is best known for recurring roles in No Ordinary Family, Entourage, Grounded for Life, The O.C. and others. She is also in some movies including The Girl Next Door.

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