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"Mac's Big Break"
Mac's Big Break
Season Six, Episode Four
Writer Rob Rosell
Director Randall Einhorn
Air Date October 7, 2010

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meanwhile, notices his tape has run out and asks Dennis and Dee to not talk until he can flip it over—at which point he notices he's taped over his Luther Vandross mix.

Charlie and Mac practice their shot in the street in front of the bar. Mac wants to wave the hockey stick around like a ninja sword, but Charlie tells him he must be serious and hold his stick properly. Charlie tries to tell Mac to be careful with his shot, but Mac says he wants to make a "wicked slap slot" so he doesn't look like a "jabroni". His first attempts at a real shot are pretty terrible, so Charlie says that they should try it on actual ice.

Dennis, Dee, and Mac gather together in the bar's back office to record a podcast. Frank is loudly eating crackers, which Dennis tells him to stop. They start the recording, saying they will talk about technology, but soon they realize they have nothing to say. When they end up with dead air, Frank says he has a guest: Rickety Cricket. Dee doesn't want him on the show, but Dennis says this is a chance to have a discussion on homelessness. Cricket arrives, asking Frank where the rotisserie chicken he's been promised for appearing on the show is. His voice is very raspy, and Cricket says it's from the wound he got when Frank hit him with a trash can (from the episode The Gang Wrestles for the Troops), which has gotten infected. Frank tells Cricket he lied about the chicken, and gives him a bag of lemons instead. The podcast starts, and Dennis tries to have a serious discussion of homelessness. Cricket tells a horrifying story about how a "fully aroused" dog was sniffing at his wound, apparently thinking it looked like a dog's vagina. Frank goads Cricket into insulting Dee, and he says he is "over her" because she is a "whore." The podcast degenerates into a shouting contest as Cricket and Dee exchange insults, and Dennis angrily tries to keep the podcast on topic.

At a skating rink, Mac and Charlie show up with hockey sticks, walking on the ice without skates, while everyone else figure skates. Char

Frank: Zing!
Dee: I mean, a dog banged your neck the other day...
Rickety Cricket: Well at least someone's banging my vagina, you know what I'm sayin'?
Frank: (high-fiving Cricket) That's a good one. Get into it...
Dennis: (very upset) This is not good radi
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