A Friends parody with the Sunny cast

Sometimes new seasons of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia are preceded by a series of funny and original promos.

Season TwoEdit


Season ThreeEdit


Apple spoof "PC" promos ("Mac vs. PC")Edit

In these vids, each member of The Gang gives his (or her) own transcript for abbreviation "PC". For instance, Frank says what in Philadelphia it stands for "Pervert Clown", or in Charlie's mind it's "Perfectly Symmetrical" -
damn illiteracy!

Here's some quotes:

  1. Mac: "Hey, I'm Mac!"; Dennis: "And I'm PC."; Mac: "You PC?"; Dennis: "Yeah!.. Post-COITAL... Would you go grab a bucket? And wash my BALLS!.. ".
  2. Mac: "Hi, I'm Mac."; Frank: "And I'm PC."; Mac: "PC?"; Frank: "Pervert Clown. Heheheh... "; Mac: "I told you not to do the "pervert clown", Frank. That's not gonna get people to watch. You look like a psychopath!".
  3. Mac: "Hi, I'm Mac."; Dennis: "And I'm Dennis. (looks around) Is this my dream or yours?"; Mac: "I think it's yours."; Dennis: "Okay... Well, get out! 'Cause, uh... I'm looking for SOMETHING ELSE... "; Mac: "Alright, fine... (leaving)"; Dennis: "(closing eyes) Oh, yeah... Here she comes... "; Dee: "Hi, Dennis... "; Dennis: "Huh? No! Oh, God, no... Look... No, you're my sister. I do not wanna have sex with my sister!.. "; Dee: "(starts undressing) You gotta wake up... (Charlie and Frank shows up)"; Charlie: "Hey man! Sorry we're late, man... Look, you gotta stop having these dream, dude... I have to deal with Mac - Mac's too hairy, he's too hairy... "; Mac: "(returns) I knew there was a reason I was here!.. "; Dennis: "Oh, God... ".

Mac's masterpiecesEdit


Here's this season's slogan from trailers: "Totally unnecessary 3rd season".

Season FourEdit

Season FiveEdit

Season SixEdit

Season SevenEdit

"Hallmark"-parody promosEdit

Season 7 Halmark parody version 2
S7 Halmark parody

Here's some epithets from this ad campaign: "The heart-melting new season of Sunny", "The touching return of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", "The heart-pounding series returns", "America's most inspiring series returns", "Television's most uplifting series returns".

Season EightEdit

"FX Hires A Brand New Cast" campaignEdit

Season Eight Promo - 'New cast'


Here's some slogans from this trick advertising campaign: "FX Orders a Brand-New Gang for Sunny!"; "For seven seasons, the Sunny cast was on fire. Now? They are just fired. It's an all new day in Philly on October 11 at 10p only on FX".

Season NineEdit

The Season 9 promos parodied Swedish black and white silent art films.

Season TenEdit

Season 10 promo - Blaze of Glory01:31

Season 10 promo - Blaze of Glory

The tenth season promos included an rocket ship themed trailer and '80s hair band cast photos.

Season ElevenEdit

Season 11 banner

The Eleventh Season had promo images that parodied the 1960 film The Village of the Damned.

Season 12 Edit

The 12th season had promo images that parodied the 1965 classic The Sound of Music

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