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Gail the Snail is Barbara Reynolds's niece and Aunt Donna's daughter. Her father Max had recently died. She lives at home with her mother.

Early Life

Gail has always been annoying. At all of her families parties she would just glom onto the Reynolds twins — that's why at some point Dennis and Dee were forced to torture her. They would throw Gail into the dryer (preliminarily sprinkling her with salt). Since then, the Snail has had a problem with her skin. Dennis and Dee have shown regret for treating her as such, even though they feel it was necessary.

Season Five

Season Nine

Gail showed up for the Gang's Thanksgiving 'beef squashing".


  • For your information:
    • By the time of Season 5, Gail was 33 years old.
    • She's an avid user of medical marijuana.
  • Frank used to wear his wig during their date with Gail in a restaurant
    (in the deleted scene).



Gail the Snail: I'm giving Frank a handy under the table!
Frank: That is true.

("The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention")


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