Gail the Snail is the obnoxious cousin of Dennis and Dee Reynolds. She is also Barbara Reynolds's niece and Aunt Donna's daughter. Her character is introduced in season 5 after her father Max has died. She lives at home with her mother. She has an annoying habit of slurping her saliva rather than swallowing it or spitting it out.

Early LifeEdit

Gail has always been annoying. At all of her family's parties she would just glom onto the Reynolds twins — that's why at some point Dennis and Dee were forced to torture her. It is never explained how she got the nickname "snail". Dennis and Dee would throw Gail into the dryer (preliminarily sprinkling her with salt). Since she was a kid, the only way to get rid of her was to "salt the snail" i.e. throw salt at her until she flees. This is depicted onscreen only once by Charlie in season 5. Dennis and Dee have shown regret for treating her so badly, even though they insist it was necessary.

Season FiveEdit

Gail's father dies in season 5. At the funeral, she shows little interest, claiming that she's "over it". She is introduced to the rest of the gang who take an immediate disliking to her. She engages in a brief relationship with her uncle-in-law Frank, but they only dry hump each other. Gail later gives Frank a hand job under the table in front of her mother, though Frank describes it as her just "mashing" his junk. She later latches on to Mac, who rejects her. When she refuses to leave the bar, Charlie resorts to salting her, causing her to leave. Charlie says that salting her was a horrible experience, but Dennis assures him that it was the only option.

Season NineEdit

Gail showed up for the Gang's Thanksgiving 'beef squashing". She ends up giving Hwang, Charlie and Frank's landlord, a handjob under the table, and he too complains that she is "mashing it." Frank asks for sloppy seconds, but Dee (who is sitting between them) stops her.


  • For your information:
    • By the time of Season 5, Gail is 33 years old.
    • She's an avid user of medical marijuana.
  • Frank used to wear his wig during their date with Gail in a restaurant
    (in a deleted scene).



Gail the Snail: I'm giving Frank a handy under the table!
Frank: That is true.

("The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention")

Gail the Snail: "Im sexually active, Mom, get over it!"

Donna: "You're 33, you're supposed to be sexually active!"