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Flipadelphia shirt
Flipadelphia shirt
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Flipadelphia is a city-wide game of Flip Cup that takes place annually in Philadelphia.

The Gang's History with FlipadelphiaEdit

The gang used to participate in Flipadelphia in the '90s until they were banned in 1998 for poisoning their competition, a dive bar named Molly's. Ten years later, the ban ended. They tried to stir up Molly's to participate again, but lost interest due to another game of flip cup with some rude college students. ("The Gang Reignites the Rivalry")

First appear that game in the show - "Underage Drinking: A National Concern".

Flip Cup RulesEdit

From Season 1
There are multiple variations of flip cup, but the version played by the gang requires two four-person teams, eight plastic cups, and beer. Each team lines up on one side of the table and each player has a cup with an equal amount of beer. The start of the line must chug their beer then flip their cup upside down on the table before the next team member can drink. The first team member to have all four players drink and land their cups wins.
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