The funniest sitcom character?

Dennis Reynolds.

The 5 star man. The golden god. The guy with a system.

He is not a mainstream well known character like some others. But like the show he is in, this character is also hugely underrated. And so is the brilliant actor playing the character - Glenn Howerton.

There is no other character who is as dark and twisted as Dennis and still is completely hilarious and likable. He is in a different league of his own.

In terms of having honest laugh out loud moments, it’s Dennis for me. Because the laughs he create are not cheap and easy. There’s always so much creativity and intelligence involved with the writing and the execution of this character. The only other character that can claim this is George Costanza.

He maybe a possible serial killer who has trouble feeling things but all he needs are women, cocaine and the illusion of power! No big deal!

He would contain his rage as long as possible but when he gets untethered his rage would know no bounds. He would come down on you like the hammer of Thor and the thunder of his vengeance would echo through the corridors like the gust of a thousand winds!

The show runners have handled this character so masterfully and Glenn has been playing him so well.

He has got to be the funniest character currently on TV. Dennis Reynolds is a work of art. He is like Firefly or Arrested Development. Things which go unnoticed when they are on but their genius realized later. Enough people will see it some day. Because of the implication!

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