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Dennis Reynolds
Season 7 - Dennis
Portrayed by Glenn Howerton
Alias "The Looks"
"Anteater Nose"
"Weird Balls"
"The Legend"
"Dickless Dennis"
"The Hammer of Thor"
"Mr. Excellence"
"Golden God"
"Hugh Honey"
Family Dee Reynolds
Frank Reynolds
Barbara Reynolds
Bruce Mathis
Aunt Donna
Uncle Max
Gail the Snail
Charlie Kelly (likely his step-brother)
Relationship Maureen Ponderosa (ex-wife)
Job Co-owner, Paddy's Pub
Images of Dennis Reynolds
Dennis Reynolds Quotes

Dennis R. Reynolds is the co-owner of Paddy's Pub, and Dee Reynolds' fraternal twin brother. Dennis is best friends with Charlie and Mac, the latter being his roommate.

Dennis is portrayed by Glenn Howerton.


Dennis is afflicted with borderline personality disorder. (Psycho Pete Returns) He is also a narcissist.

His unstable sense of self frequently manifests in the belief that he is extremely attractive to others. He often "pops off" his shirt in inappropriate situations. Conversely, he frequently obsesses over any possibility that he may have a visible physical flaw and often spends the remainder of the episode trying to correct it. Any critique of his looks, however mild or trivial, deeply distresses Dennis and often leads him to extreme behavior. When Dee countered Dennis' insults by claiming that he has a "fat face," it triggered his anorexia to the point of not eating for three days. ("The Gang Exploits A Miracle") As of season seven, he says he does not eat lunch anymore and on odd days doesn't eat breakfast. Blood work indicates that he is severely malnourished. (Frank's Pretty Woman)

Dennis' delusions of grandeur extend to his relationships with others. In high school and college, Dennis believed that he was a legend that others looked up to. He later found out that he was wrong on both counts. ("The Gang Reignites the Rivalry"), ("The High School Reunion, Part 2: The Gang's Revenge") He often claims to be a God and believes he should be the leader in all cases of decision making. Dennis's romantic relationships are shallow, and his closest friendships are both codependent and homoerotic (though he believes them to be incredibly cool and masculine).

Dennis struggles to empathize with others. He routinely destroys others' property, and casually mentions committing disturbing acts of violence without any awareness that others might be disturbed by them:

  • Dennis vandalized Art Sloan's house, and set his yard on fire. ("The Gang Reignites the Rivalry")
  • He offered to "frame bang" the Lawyer's wife, and was surprised when the Lawyer referred to it as rape. ("Paddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens")
  • Mac is disturbed when Dennis tells him that a good reason for them to have a boat is so they can get women out in international waters, where they will not refuse their sexual advances "because of the implications." He tries to (falsely) reassure Mac that he's not actually going to rape any women, only just that the women will feel like they should give them what they want, "because of the implication." ("The Gang Buys a Boat")
  • Dennis has many bench warrants for sexual misconduct, and is implied to be a serial rapist.
Mini-Dennis Reynolds   I'll tell you what buddy, I can help you out. I'm gonna toss a frame-bang your way. Here's how that works: I slip into your house one night while your wife is sleeping... and I ease into her real nice. That way you're both cheating on each other and she can't clean you out. ("Paddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens")
Dennis (2)
Dennis (3)
Dennis (4)
Dennis (5)
Dennis (6)

Dennis is obsessed with sex. He has had sex with many women, and has both audio and video recordings of these sexual encounters. He has allowed Mac to watch these tapes (which Mac didn't enjoy due to the angle - a close-up of Dennis' "weird" balls). ("Mac's Banging the Waitress"), ("Thunder Gun Express") He's also claimed that, in his sexual encounters, the words "no", "don't", and "stop" never stop him from following his intentions. ("The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty Magoo") Members of The Gang comment on his attraction to teenage girls in "Underage Drinking: A National Concern"; in this episode, Dennis ends up being tricked by an eighteen-year-old high school senior into plowing her at her high school prom. Dennis also has a fascination with anonymous sex, even going so far as to install a glory hole in the men's room at Paddy's. When Charlie and Mac try writing a movie, Dennis' suggestions for how to "improve" the movie mostly involve hardcore penetration scenes (though Charlie says "I think the audience is gonna be very uncomfortable seeing Dolph Lundgren's naked penis going into this young girl that you're talking about.") ("Mac and Charlie Write a Movie") He frequently becomes incredibly upset when he is unsuccessful at sleeping with women, feeling like their rejection is directly responsible for triggering his ever-present fear that he is actually worthless.

Dennis enjoys flirting with men who compliment his appearance. He believes he has a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics of gay relationships. He knows what it means to be a bear or a twink and understands how a "top" differs from a "bottom"; he explains to The Gang that "speed is the name of the game" when defining the role of a "power bottom". He also states that he could "never satisfy" a twank versatile. He is very excited about seeing someone "hang dong" in the movie Thundergun Express. Dennis used to stick the tip of his penis in his frat brother's mouths, and his photograph at his frat house is graffitied with the words "I chug dick." Regularly, his relationships with his best friends, Mac and Charlie, are portrayed as homoerotic. The ambiguous nature of Dennis' sexuality has been explored in other episodes and is usually connected to his vanity and need for peer approval. At the 2013 Comic Con panel, Glenn Howerton confirmed that Dennis is bisexual.

Dennis insults and demeans his friends on a regular basis, particularly Dee and Charlie, and never hesitates to draw attention to their flaws, shortcomings, and past failures while remaining oblivious to his own.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Dennis has some artistic talent that he expresses by drawing cartoonish large-breasted women, which Charlie finds enticing. ("The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty Magoo")

Dennis claims that he is going to look 20 forever, asserting that "the older he gets, the more vigilant he becomes". For instance, he professes that he does not eat lunch anymore (and on odd days he doesn't eat breakfast). Also, Dennis' body is constantly in motion. For example, he is capable of doing leg lifts that are "imperceptible to the human eye" while standing. (A technique which he calls "hummingbirds"). He perseveres with these actions despite the misery they bring him. ("Frank's Pretty Woman")

Dennis can turn his penis from flaccid to erect in a moments notice, and vice versa. 


Early LifeEdit

Dennis' grandfather was a decorated officer in the Nazi Party. ("The Gang Finds a Dead Guy") Later, Dennis and Dee discover that he took them to a neo-Nazi camp when they were small children. ("Pop-Pop: The Final Solution")

Dennis had a well-loved stuffed elephant named Mr. Tibbs. ("Charlie Gets Crippled")

Dennis started a psychological dossier on his sister Dee when he was in the second grade. ("The Gang Gets Analyzed")

Dennis believed himself to be extremely popular in high school, but his prom date had sex with another student. ("Underage Drinking: A National Concern"). Mac told Dennis that the other student had been Tim Murphy, but later Tim revealed to Dennis that it was Mac who had had sex with his prom date. Dennis also learns that the rest of the students never considered him cool as he would always hang out with Charlie and Mac while declaring himself a "golden god."

Dennis was once dismissed from a counselor position at a summer camp because he was accused of the statutory rape of an underage teenage girl, although he maintains he just kissed the girl, who was only a year younger than him. ("The Gang Runs for Office")

He earned good grades at the University of Pennsylvania and minored in psychology ("Charlie Got Molested"), though his original ambition was to become a veterinarian. ("Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare")

While at Penn, Dennis was a member of the Delta Omega Lambda fraternity, where he considered himself a legend and a "king of that place". However, when he goes back to the frat house, no one there knows who he is, and he finds that someone has written "I CHUG DICK!" over his picture in a gallery of former members. ("The Gang Reignites the Rivalry")


  • It is implied that Dennis has multiple bench warrants for sexual misconduct.
  • Dennis has both audio- and videotaping his room on 24/7 basis. He also has a dresser full of his sex tapes. ("Mac's Banging the Waitress"), ("Thunder Gun Express"), ("Charlie and Dee Find Love")
  • Dennis keeps "psychological dossiers" on each member of The Gang and always updates them. He started his file on Dee in the second grade. ("The Gang Gets Analyzed")
  • Apparently, Dennis was the one who came up with the idea of calling their group "The Gang". ("The Gang Goes Jihad")
  • Both his friends and enemies refer to him as "a piece of shit" within the series. In response, Dennis usually smiles or laughs and rarely disagrees with their sentiment.
  • Dennis once pretended to be Brian Lefev. He also claims to "get off" while doing it.
  • He likes cats. Anyway he disliked the "Kitten Mittens" idea.
  • He has slept with a man, although it was not a consensual encounter because he was blackout drunk.



From his sex tape drawer (Mac's Banging the Waitress):

  • Solana
  • Svetlana
  • Vivian
  • Victoria
  • Victoria Z
  • Veronica (mailman)
  • Vanessa Z
  • Wanda
  • Wende
  • Tracy Wilson
  • Weather Girl
  • Waitress (Italian)
  • Waitress (Surf n Turf)
  • Wendy
  • Waitress (Airport Bar)
  • Waitress (Bar and grill)
  • Waitress (Coffee Shop)
  • Waitress (French)
  • Waitress (Indian)
  • Waitress (Chinese)
  • Waitress (Vegan)
  • Waitress (Korean)
  • Waitress (Steakhouse)
  • Waitress (Mexican)
  • Waitress (Japanese)
  • Waitress (Dali)
  • Samantha W.
  • Yolanda
  • Yolanda M.
  • Yental
  • Yazmine
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Zookeeper
  • Zoe
  • Zenia

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