Dee and Frank pretending to get married in order to get Bruce Mathis' money (Dennis and Dee's Mom Is Dead)

The relationship between Dee and Frank Reynolds has devolved over time.

Originally, Frank was Dennis and Dee's father and he acted in what he considered to be a fatherly manner.

Over time, it was established that Frank was not the biological father of his children. Since then, his relationship with his kids has become one more of friendship and convenience.

Early HistoryEdit

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Season OneEdit

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Season TwoEdit

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Season ThreeEdit

The two made a scheme to get money from Bruce Mathis after her mother died and left her money to Bruce, by posing as a couple. Bruce however saw right through it and kept testing them to the point where they almost had sex right in front of him, and a mock wedding at their old mansion before the jig was up.Dennis and Dee's Mom Is Dead

Season FourEdit

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Season FiveEdit

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