Crazy Paddy

Crazy Paddy is a character that Dee created for her YouTube account to help promote Paddy's Pub over the Internet.



  • Dee failed to make the video featuring Crazy Paddy due to Charlie repeatedly throwing a volleyball
    at her face.
  • By the way, the volleyball to the face Kaitlin Olsen takes several times during the episode (and more in real life, with multiple takes) was not a special effect or CGI. Charlie Day really was throwing an actual volleyball at her head with all his might.


Dee: Good morning Philadelphia! I'm Crazy Paddy, and I'm coming to you from Paddy's Pub, telling you to come on down. We're slashing prices so low you won't need a pot of gold to get sloppy. So come on down to Paddy's, it's insane!

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