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Country Mac (1977-2013) was Mac 's cousin from the country. 


Country Mac seems to surpass Mac in virtually every way, from his willingness to perform bad-ass stunts, to his ability to serve as protection for the gang, despite expending little effort in doing so.

Despite out-performing Mac in every way, Country Mac never actually seems to realize he is doing this, and actually seems very fond of his cousin despite Mac's competitive dislike of him.

Country Mac is firm in his belief in a more tolerant and loving expression of Christianity than Mac espouses, and is actually able to get the gang to listen to and contemplate some of his spiritual ideas (though a willingness to share around some weed as he does so helps). He is also comfortable and secure in his sexual orientation, confirming his homosexuality overtly ("Loud and proud, brother."). He is essentially everything Mac desperately convinces himself he is, but Mac chooses to simply live in denial about nearly everything in his life rather than take steps to actualize the traits Country Mac possesses in himself.

Country Mac died as he lived: as a badass.

The gang immediately prefers Country Mac to "City" Mac, and express interest in trading Mac's place in the Gang for him. Mere seconds after he agreed to stay with the gang forever, he collapsed dead on the street, after a life of reckless stunts, constant drinking, drug use, fighting, and driving a motorcycle without a helmet.  

After his funeral, Frank flushed Country Mac's ashes down the Paddy's Pub toilet at the start of Frank Day.

Posthumously, Country Mac is seen in "The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6" as filling in for Mac as Murtaugh when he uses the bathroom.



IASIP ep904 sc14 IMG 0135 595 slogo

Country Mac on his motorcycle

  • Country Mac is always seen with a fresh beer in hand, often on a motorcycle.
  • Unlike Mac, Country Mac has mastered the art of the ocular patdown.
  • This is now the second cousin of Mac's we are introduced to, and both have been openly gay.


Country Mac: I gave him an ocular patdown, assessed the threat level, clocked a knife in his boot.

Country Mac: (to the speaker of the planetarium) Shut up, science bitch.

Dennis: See, he doesn’t want us to grease them. Because he wants them for himself.

Country Mac: I'm into dudes.


Country Mac is portrayed by Seann William Scott

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