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Charlie eats cheese


Cheese is a running joke throughout the series with Charlie: he somehow manages to continually have unfortunate experiences with cheese.


Charlie: I was eating the old cheese to test it. To see why the rats weren't eating it.
("Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life")

Charlie (performing for an audience): So, you guys, you ever eat cheese? Cheese is a funny thing, cheese is a strange thing. I always wonder, like, 'What is cheese? Where does it come fro- (starts dry heaving)
("Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life")

Dennis: Bro, will you please get out of here? You smell like cheese.
Charlie: No, no. It's horse shit.
Dennis: Well, whatever it is, it's terrible. Okay? So...
Charlie: No, let's call it what it is. It's horse shit. I had it all over my hands...
Dennis: The horse was eating a lot of cheese. I don't know what it is. Just you stink.
("The Gang Gets Whacked (Part 1)")

Mac: How much cheese have you eaten today?
Charlie: How much cheese is too much cheese?
Dennis: Any amount of cheese before a date is too much cheese!
Charlie: I had a lot of cheese. I had a block of cheese...
Mac: You ate a block of cheese today?
Charlie: I was very nervous. I started eating cheese, man.
Mac: Does that calm you down?!
("The Waitress is Getting Married")

Dennis: I want you to stay as far away from me as possible. You're standing too close to me as it is, actually.
Charlie: Right. Okay...
Dennis: Have you gotten into the cheese?
Charlie: Ha-ha... There's a whole cheese section!
Dennis: I bet there is.
Charlie: I went nuts...
Dennis: All right. Well, you stink.
Charlie: Mm-hmm.
("The Storm of the Century")

(Charlie notices a bowl full of cottage cheese in the Family Fight green room.)
Charlie: Dennis, what is this enticing bowl of white?
Dennis: This? Charlie, that...that's cottage cheese.
Charlie: Cottage cheese? Like...cheese from some cottage? Whose cottage? Well, like, what is that, exactly?
Dennis: How do you not know what it is? Aren't you like a cheese guy?
Charlie: I'm not a cottage guy.
("The Gang Goes on Family Fight")


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