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Charlie and Dennis

Charlie and Dennis are best friends and both members of the Gang that runs and operates Paddy's Pub.

Early HistoryEdit

Charlie, Mac, Dee and Dennis went to the same high school. (Charlie Wants An Abortion, The High School Reunion). Mac and Charlie have known each other longer as they went to St. Vincent's Elementary School (Charlie Got Molested) while Dennis (and possibly Dee) went to Waldron Elementary School (Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person).

The Waitress problemEdit

Dennis slept with the Waitress after telling her that Charlie had cancer. Charlie had told Dennis he had cancer to get Dennis to convince the Waitress to go out with him out of pity. (Charlie Has Cancer). Dennis would later enrage Charlie when he asked the Waitress out to force Charlie (now manager of the bar) to let Dennis out of "Charlie Work". Charlie and Dee manipulated the Waitress into thinking Dennis was sleeping with Mac's mom and Charlie's mom to convince her to sleep with Charlie to get back at Dennis. Instead she sleeps with Dennis father Frank whose toupee falls off during sex. The Waitress later promises to have sex with Mac to manipulate him into helping her destroy the sex tapes Frank and Dennis each made of their sleeping with the waitress. Mac agrees because he wants to get revenge on Charlie for destroying his Project Badass tape. In reality Charlie had destroyed Frank's sextape of him and the Waitress. Charlie enlists Mac's help in finding out who the Waitress is seeing. Dennis is hurt when Charlie calls Mac his best friend and cannot understand why. Charlie points out that Dennis sleeping with the Waitress rubbed him the wrong way. Eventually Charlie, Mac and Dennis decide that the three of them together are best friends instead of just any of the two of them. (Mac's Banging the Waitress)


  • Charlie asked Dennis along to pick up Tommy Doyle, the boy Stacy Corvelli claimed was Charlie's son. They took Tommy to a free clinic for a blood test. Stacy Corvelli jumped to the conclusion that Dennis and Charlie were lovers until they corrected her. (Charlie Wants An Abortion)
  • Charlie and Dennis write the song "The Dayman" together when they are both kicked out of the band with Mac and Frank. (Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person)
  • Charlie and Dennis met Chase Utley and Ryan Howard in Atlantic City. Mac was an obsessive fan of Chase Utley. Dennis and Charlie decide to send a photo of Dennis and Chase to Mac's cellphone to taunt him. (The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods).
  • Charlie and Dennis agree to turn Paddy's Pub into Philadelphia's top gay bar for the profit. Mac and Dee are adamantly opposed but Dee doesn't get a vote as she isn't an owner of the bar. (The Gang Gets Racist)
  • Charlie become Dennis campaign manager when Dennis runs for District 37 comptroller. (The Gang Runs for Office)
  • Charlie and Dennis team up to uncover the secret of Mr. Kim's microbrew. Mr. Kim's daughter immediately likes Charlie instead of Dennis which Dennis cannot fathom. Eventually it is revealed Mr. Kim's daughter is 12. (The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation)
  • Charlie and Dennis teamed up to help rennovate the home of the "Juarez family". They inadvertently burn their home down with a flame torch. (The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover Edition)
  • Charlie and Dennis teamed up to find the Shusher without the use of social media. (The ANTI-Social Network)

Season OneEdit

'some stuff happens

Season TwoEdit

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Season ThreeEdit

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Season FourEdit

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Season FiveEdit

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Season SixEdit

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Season SevenEdit

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