"Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats" is the tenth episode of the sixth season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Keeping the basement rodent-free drives Charlie to the brink; The Gang throws Charlie a surprise party.


10:00 AM on a Tuesday, Philadelphia, PA

In the bar, The Gang are talking when Charlie comes in, zoned out from bashing rats in the basement. He proclaims he killed a nest of about 200 rats and wonders if a rats life is more important than a humans.




Guest StarringEdit

  • Chad L. Coleman as Z


  • David Aranovich as Sakky the Ticket Usher
  • David Gueriera as Duncan
  • David Ury as Spa Worker
  • Xuyen Valdivia as Stunt Male
  • Lauren Mary Kim as Stunt Female


  • A "little puppy", which Charlie was making outside of the bar, named Scarcoon ("Scary coon"): he is not able to kill the rats anymore, so he needs this raccoon just to scare them away.
  • "A guy with a wormhat - like, his hat is made out of worms. And, like,
    a little bird with human teeth
    " - all are products of Charlie Day's improvisation, which you can see in an extended scene of Mac and Charlie's brainstorming from "Mac and Charlie Write a Movie".


Mini-Mac   Hey, where'd you get those glasses, bud?
Oh, these? They're just, like, third-dimension glasses, you know? Don't really work though, 'cause I feel like I'm still seeing stuff in whatever dimension we live in...   Mini-Charlie Kelly



Mini-Frank Reynolds   Do any of you assholes wanna know how old I am?
Whatever, Frank.   Mini-Dennis Reynolds

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