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1x6 Dee in Charlie's apartment

Dee visits the apartment in 01x06

Charlie's apartment is a very shady apartment that Charlie Kelly and Frank Reynolds lives in. Frank moved into the apartment in the beginning of Season Two.

As of 2013, the landlord was an Asian man named Hwang. ("Gun Fever")

Physical Appearance

Charlie and Frank's apartment is a Single Room Occupancy (SRO) apartment. It's dominated by a pullout couch, where Charlie and Frank both hang out and also sleep facing ass to ass according to Frank. (Who Pooped The Bed?)

There are two windows in the apartment, which Charlie sometimes covers during the day. (Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person)

The apartment is on the 2nd floor of the building. (Mac's Mom Burns Her House Down)  

The apartment number is 210  (The Great Recession)

There's a large closet that has enough room for a bed, if it's cleaned out. (This might imply that the apartment actually has a separate bedroom that Charlie either doesn't know about or doesn't use, for some reason.) [1]

The apartment is small and cluttered, so it does not have many good places to hide. Charlie's preferred hiding place is to lie under the sheets of the fold-out bed "like a starfish" (Mac's Banging the Waitress). Frank likes to hide inside the sofa itself, where he often catches Charlie "pounding off". (A Very Sunny Christmas)

Charlie and Frank urinate into open cans of urine that they leave lying around the apartment. Charlie tells Dee that she does not want to use the restroom. (Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life)

There are also no heating ducts, so the apartment gets extremely cold at night. As a result, Charlie wears thermal wear in the apartment and also sleeps back to back with Frank. (Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life)

The apartment is surrounded by cats which meow all night long. (Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life)

Charlie's landlord is named Hwang. Charlie who is always broke was usually late with his rent payment until Frank moved in. (Gun Fever, Charlie Gets Crippled)

Charlie's most cherished possession in his apartment is his hot plate. (Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender)

Numerous people have called Charlie's apartment a "shithole". Charlie's mother Bonnie had apparently never visited the apartment prior to her reconnecting with Frank. (Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad).

There seems to be a bedbug problem in the building: the building has been fumigated at least once for them, making Frank unable to go back into the apartment to get The Gang's World Series tickets (The World Series Defense), and later, Dee's face gets inflamed from bedbug bites after she sleeps in the apartment. (Mac's Mom Burns Her House Down)


The German Sheperd Painting

An Original Hitler
Back in Season Two, there was a "very special" German shepherd painting:
"That was basically just set decoration in the second season. Interestingly enough, we actually were the ones that when we got into editing and we were watching the show - all the episodes of Season 2 - that painting stood out to us so much, too much, it was too distracting. We actually said we never want to see that painting again. Take it down. Get rid of it because it's just a shining, white, weird painting in the background of every Charlie's apartment scene", said Rob McElhenney.

But in fact, they did not just "get rid of it" - they moved it to the RCG office, so you can notice it behind Kaitlin Olson in the scripted "BTS-video" for Season Four "A Day in the Life of Kaitlin Olson" at 01:47. [Also, the decorations for Charlie's musical, which are imitate an interior of his apartment, contains an allusion to this painting.]

Later, in the 8th Season premiere, has been revealed what Charlie found this watercolor in the Pop-Pop's box along with Nazi memorabilia and decided to keep it (as well as Nazi peaked cap) because he liked it. ("The Gang Finds a Dead Guy") Nevertheless, between the events of Season Two and Season Three, Frank made Charlie to take it down from the wall, because, how he stated, "Its smug aura mocks me". They put it in the box and stashed away somewhere, but at some point Frank just "threw that thing out".

It also been revealed that this shepherd was painted by Adolf Hitler himself but could not be traced to him because Charlie painted on top of the original painting. At the end of the episode when Charlie burned the painting, the layer peeled off and revealed the true artist, Hitler.

Frank and Cricket are both felt what there's something wrong with this painting: Cricks was talking about its "very evil vibes", and Frank even called it an "evil" itself.


Frank: I want to live like you again, Charlie! I want to be pathetic and desperate and ugly and hopeless!
Charlie: I am not ugly.
Frank: This is the change I've been looking for! I want to move in with you!
Charlie: Are you out of your damn mind, dude? You made me sleep out in the hall! You ignored my cries for help in the middle of the night!
Frank: I'll pay for your rent for six months.
Charlie: Twelve.
Frank: Six.
Charlie: Ten.
Frank: Six.
Charlie: Nine.
Frank: Six.
Charlie: Ten.
Frank: Six.
Charlie: Twelve.
Frank: Four.
Charlie: Six.
Frank: Deal!
Charlie: All right, no more sleeping out in the hall, though.
Frank: I can't promise that.
Charlie Gets Crippled, Season Two


  1. Mac cleans it out in Mac and Dennis Break Up.

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