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Bruce Mathis is Dennis and Dee's biological father.


The antithesis of Frank Reynolds, Bruce devotes his time and money to charities and philanthropic efforts, including adopting several suffering children in Africa and doing charity benefits for a cure for Lupus. ("Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad")

Early Life

Bruce had an affair with Barbara Reynolds. She eventually married Frank (because she wasn't aware of Bruce's father's wealth); Bruce didn't know that he was Dennis and Dee's father until later in life. ("Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad")

Season Two

He reconnected with his twins through Sweet Dee's MySpace page, but they are unable to have a successful relationship with him because of his good nature. ("Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad")

Season Three

Later, he inherited Barbara's fortune and called The Gang "the most horrible people alive". ("Dennis and Dee's Mom Is Dead")

Season Four

Dee shows Dennis and Frank a newspaper article where Bruce Mathis has donated Barbara's fortune to a Muslim Cultural center. Frank and Dee become obsessed with revenge and stalk a man whom they think is Bruce, repeatedly crashing into and finally blowing up his car. ("The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis")

Season Nine

Mac tells Dee and Dennis that he has invited Bruce Mathis to their Thanksgiving beef-squashing dinner, but it turns out he accidentally invited the man whose car the Gang destroyed in The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis. ("The Gang Squashes Their Beefs")


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