Ari Frankel is an Israeli businessman who briefly dated Barbara Reynolds. He buys the land the bar is on. He later sells it to Frank.

In "The Gang Goes Jihad", he informs the gang that he has purchased the building next door to Paddy's Pub and tells them that the property details say that 100 feet north of land from the building also belongs to him. The dividing line happens to be where Paddy's Pub is and tells the gang they have to be out of the pub in a week. Ari later appears at Frank's house where he tells him that he is dating Barbara as his wife is dead. Frank and Dee steal Barbara's dog as an act of revenge. Ari shows up at Frank's apartment to get the dog back but Frank offers him a business proposal after knowing that the building has a gas leak. He sells the property to Frank and presumably goes back to his own business.


  • His wife is dead.
  • He owns a Mercedes.
  • Moved to Philadelphia months after buying the land next to Paddy's, when he was able to move his family.


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